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Crazy Mother
I am not
for you!
First Love

When I first saw this
when I was on vacation in Dallas
in the summer of '98,
it made me miss you so much,
think of you,
of us,
and the way things should have been,
and ought to have gone down.
I was already so miserable,
thinking of leaving,
but that is when
I really knew that I had to go,
that Michael and I
getting divorced was inevitable.
If I hadn't had
Hilary and Jamie with me,
I would have just
drove to Wichita Falls,
left everything I had behind
and never turned back.
It wouldn't had been the first time
I had run to you in that way.
It would have been nice to just disappear,
disappear with you,
as we eventually did.
I looked everywhere for you,
thought you might be around,
over every shoulder,
in every corner...

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